Frehley address comments Stanley made earlier this month

Original Kiss guitarist and co-founder Ace Frehley is demanding that frontman Paul Stanley issue an apology over a recent degrading comment about performing as the original members. The current version of the band appeared on The Howard Stern Show earlier this month to announce their final two shows for December 1st and 2nd at Madison Square Garden in New York City. During an interview with Stern, Stanley stated the band would’ve been called “Piss” had they performed as the original lineup with Frehley and drummer Peter Criss at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2014.

“Because we had too much pride in this lineup, which is Kiss, and has been Kiss for 20 years. It’s not newcomers. This is the band,” Stanley said when asked why they declined to perform as the original band. “We’ll be back in the stadiums of South America next month. We were there five months ago. We were in Japan. This is the band that has carried the flag and taken it, really, to another level. This is the band I always dreamed it would be, and for us to go onstage… They were demanding, quite honestly, that we play with the two original guys, Peter [Criss] and Ace [Frehley], and at this point, that would be demeaning to the band, and also would give some people confusion. ‘Cause if you saw people on stage who looked like Kiss but sounded like that, maybe we should be called Piss.”

“We’ve been all over the world, through decades, with this present lineup,” adds Simmons. “It bears noting I’ve never seen a single banner or sign that mentions any other lineup. When Tommy takes a solo, ‘Tommy! Tommy!’ That’s me backstage going, ‘Tommy!’ When Eric takes a solo, ‘Eric! Eric!’ They’re pumping their fists. It’s legitimate. Nobody is in Kiss and doing it by the numbers.”

Today (Wed, Mar 29th), Frehley addressed those comments when speaking with Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation. He says he’s not seen any respect from his former bandmates for decades.

“At time’s I’ve had problems with Paul and Gene over the past…” he says. “Those guys have been badmouthing me since I quit the very first time in 1981, 1982. Calling me a drug addict, calling me an alcoholic, saying I’m unemployable, I’m undependable…and then when we did the Unplugged thing for MTV, all of a sudden, I’m offered millions of dollars to come back to the band. ‘Oh, what happened? Now I’m not a drug addict, and I’m dependable and you’re willing to take a shot at hiring me again?’ In fact, they offered me more money than they offered Peter.”

Frehley says he’s been touring and releasing new music regularly for more than three decades, and doesn’t resort to using backing tracks on stage like Kiss manager Doc McGhee confirmed recently about the band.

“It’s Paul’s frustration and insecurity that he has to use backing tapes. And we’re only six months apart and I can still get up there and belt it out and hit the keys and he can’t. And it’s very unfortunate. And I’m very sad for the fact that he’s using backing tracks. It’s cheapening the brand which affects my bottom line because I still get paid from Kiss on merchandising and whatever else they do, and I’m pissed off about it. But what I’m more pissed off about, is what he said because I think what he said was hitting below the belt because at the time he said that, I was already eight years sober. He’s making a statement and trying to project to the fans listening to the Howard Stern Show that I was unreliable at the time and it’s a complete falsehood and it’s a lie, and I think he’s just pissed off that I left the group and I’m still successful.”

Frehley gives Stanley an ultimatum to apologize and retract his statement about calling the band “Piss” within seven days or he will reveal some dark secrets about Stanley and Simmons.

“I’m going to make a statement to Paul Stanley right now… I’m telling you that I want a formal apology for what you said, and a retraction and an apology within seven days. And if I don’t get that within seven days I’m coming back on Ed Trunk’s show — your show, Ed, if you’ll have me — and I’m going to tell some dirt that nobody knows about Paul and Gene, that I’ve always kept to myself because I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t, you know, talk about this. I like to talk about positive stuff… A lot of times [Stanley and Simmons] are just throwing people under the bus.”

Frehley confirms his attorney has a manuscript he’s written with information that would end Stanley’s and Simmons’ careers.

“I’m not the kinda guy who pisses and tells, you know. When it comes to negativity — and we’ve all done things we’ve regret over the years — it’s there,” Frehley states. “I have 120 page manuscript that I wrote after I finished my book. My attorney has it in a safety deposit box. God forbid anything happens to me, my attorney is instructed to release it to the New York Times, Rolling Stone, API, everybody. So they can’t intimidate me with trying to hurt me or saying ‘You better not say anything about me live on the radio,’ because then they’re totally screwed. Their careers will be ruined.”

Despite the bad blood, Frehley says he’s open to performing at the December concerts.

“I have read interviews where Gene and Paul are inferring and actually have invited me, so I think they’ve, in a way have deceived the fans, because that makes the fans think that me, and Bruce and Peter are gonna show up. And from what I understand, both concerts are sold out. And I think that the fans are anticipating me being on stage. I haven’t been contacted formally. If they want me to get up on stage for the final concerts, they better have deep pockets.”