Beach Boys dramedy in the works with John Stamos

Good Vibes Only will premiere on HBO Max

A Beach Boys dramedy series is in the works with John Stamos, School Of Rock developers/exec producers Steve & Jim Armogida, Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment and HBO Max. Deadline reports the series is called Good Vibes Only and is a “coming of age story set to the timeless music of The Beach Boys.”

The show is about a blended group of misfit foster kids who become Instagram famous after forming a secret band to escape the challenges of school and the drudgery of their dead-end town. They morph into a family along the way, which is what they always wanted.

Stamos, the Armogidos, Kaplan, Dana Honor and Stamos’ producing partner Bret Slater are all named executive producers of the project.

Good Vibes Only is a pet project of mine that I’ve been working on for a long time,” shares Stamos, who has a long history with the band he often performs live with. “It’s been my mission to introduce a younger generation to the Beach Boys songs. Their music and message is needed now more than ever and this series is a perfect vehicle.”

The band has appeared on his TV shows, You Again?  and Full House. He executive produced the 2000 TV miniseries The Beach Boys: An American Family and developed a feature musical centered around their music.

“I’ve also been trying to find something to do with Suzanna Makkos since we did Grandfathered together, and Good Vibes Only is a perfect match,” Stamos adds. “Then I took this to Aaron Kaplan because he is truly the best at setting up shows and getting them on the air and I think HBO Max is the perfect platform for our show.”

No word on when production will begin or when the series will premiere on the new streamer which launches in May 2020.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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