Face to arrive March 24th

Jimin of 21st century pop icons BTS will release his first solo album Face on March 24th. BigHit Music made the announcement today (Tues, Feb 21st) via global fandom life platform Weverse with a logo motion revealed on the label’s official Twitter account.

Face delves into Jimin’s story of fronting his true self and making a new leap forward as an artist. Through the project, Jimin will present his own musicality with distinct timbre and impeccable dance performance.

Jimin is the fourth member of the global band to release solo music in the past year. J-Hope released Jack in the Box last summer featuring “More” and “Arson,” Jin released “The Astronaut” last fall with Coldplay, and RM released his first solo album Indigo in December.

The band is currently on hiatus as each member fulfills their mandatory military service commitment to South Korea. Each will serve accordingly and release solo material before the global superstars are expected to reconvene in 2025.

Jimin is a South Korean singer, songwriter and member of 21st century pop icons, BTS. Jimin’s dazzling vocal tone adds a unique quality to the songs he sings. Jimin’s solo discography includes “Lie,” “Serendipity,” original soundtrack for Korean TV series With You and Taeyang’s “Vibe” in which he participated as a featured artist. “Promise,” the first song he wrote, proves his songwriting abilities. He plays a central role in BTS’ choreography with his background in modern dance as well as his capability to perform various genres of choreography. Jimin is recognized as an all-rounder with his wide range of vocal and performance abilities.