Short film chronicles two weeks spent craft acclaimed album

With February’s release of his fourth studio album, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell, Diamond-certified songwriter Chase Rice re-introduced himself with the standout project offering 13 tracks – all of which feature Rice as a songwriter, including three solo writes.

Building on living room songwriting sessions centered around just his acoustic guitar, Rice took the same approach into the recording process with producer Oscar Charles. Forgoing a traditional studio, Rice and Charles turned his rural home into their 24/7 workspace, bringing in a live band with no click track to capture a rugged, authentic sound over the course of an immersive two-week session – all of which was captured on camera for fans to now witness.

With 10 episodes directed by Kaiser Cunningham releasing in installments each Tuesday – beginning with episodes one through three today (Tues, May 16th) – fans will have access to never-before-seen footage that shows Rice crafting the project.

With all 13 songs on the album featured in the setlist on his Way Down Yonder Tour, gracing sold out venues across the country, Rice has also delivered summer anthem “Bad Day To Be A Cold Beer” as the lead single impacting country radio now.