David Nail releases self-penned ‘St Louis’

Bootheel Missouri native pays homage to the city

David Nail has released his new single, “St. Louis,” that honors his home state of Missouri with the 2021 edition of his ongoing Bootheel project. The song pays homage to a past love in the city that is so near and dear to his heart. Fans of real and raw country music are sure to be excited for new David Nail tunes as he is renowned for his honest and top-quality output.

“As the song begins with several references to Busch Stadium and watching the Cardinals game; creating that scene I knew it was going to be about St. Louis. It felt natural and there’s a real sense of tenderness in the story that the narrator shows, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy listening to it the most,” says Nail.

“When I think about St. Louis, I can’t help but think of you / Yeah there’s something about this city, whenever I come passing through / I can’t help but reminisce / If I had known it was our last kiss / I never would left you in St. Louis”

It’s no surprise that the GRAMMY-nominated and multi-platinum artist’s vocal talents are second to none but it’s his gift of songwriting that is captivating fans on these new tunes. As the solo writer of this song, along with many of the songs in his catalog, “St. Louis” showcases his writing talents in all of the right ways.

While releasing new music, Nail is on the road all fall for his Bootheel 2021 Tour. As a multi-platinum recording artist with two No. 1 singles and numerous critically-acclaimed hits, the true artist displays an incredible show full of crowd favorites along with new music.

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