Disadvantages of listening to music while studying

For most students, studying while listening to music is the norm. However, did you know that this study method has got some shortcomings? Let us look at some of the disadvantages of music while studying.

Can Be a Distraction

While listening to music while studying is a good habit to keep, much has been said that music can be a great distraction. This is especially true where you are trying to read while listening to music with words.

When you listen to songs with words, you will find yourself trying to listen to what the singer is saying rather than focus on your studies. Therefore, it is best to look for a nice quiet place to study rather than listen to music as you do so.

Decreased Productivity

As we have seen above, music can be a distraction if you choose to listen to some tunes as you study. The fact that it can take some of your attention that should be focused on studying means that it lowers your productivity. Some studies have shown that listening to music as you study can reduce your productivity levels by at least ten percent. Even though people feel like listening to music allows them to study for longer, understand that no scientific study has proven this to be true. Therefore, it is best to refrain from using music as a study tool.

Impairing Your Cognitive Abilities

Memorizing is part and parcel of the process of studying for your exams. It would be best to understand that it can be challenging for you to memorize stuff while listening to music. This is because music impairs your brain’s cognitive abilities, making it very difficult to memorize the things you are reading. The changing words and the fluctuation of tunes throw you off whenever you try to memorize stuff, hence hurting your studying.

Different Types of Attention Focused Practices

While nowadays student looks to the internet to find some studying music or write my essay service. Understand that music is not the only way to keep yourself focused. On the other hand, doing your assignments by yourself rather than hiring writing platforms is best as it also doubles as revision for your exams.

People give when asked why they listen to music while studying because it helps them focus. However, understand that you can implement several other techniques to help you focus appropriately on your studies. Some of these focused attention practices include:

  • Balancing the plate – balancing a light object such as a book or a paper plate on your head while holding various possess is one sure way of improving your focus. You can choose to balance on one leg, bend forward slightly as you try to go as low as you can while keeping the book on your head. Doing this for a few minutes will help you regain your focus and, in return, study better.
  • Brain break – you probably know that studying continuously for hours is never ideal. This is why you need to break down your study session into smaller sessions of about thirty minutes or so. Taking a brain break helps you improve your focus by changing from the dull studying routine. Taking a brain break for a few minutes helps you see the activity you perform from a different angle/setting. Breaking monotony is essential as it stops you from getting bored with the study session.
  • Squiggle story – get a blank sheet of paper and draw a line on it. After that, use your non-dominant hand and turn the line into a design or a picture. The challenge that this little practice provides will help your brain get away from studying for a few minutes. This will help refresh you and, in turn, improve your focus when you get back to your studies.
  • When you feel like the study session is becoming too dull, try singing the Symbolic alphabet with names of objects rather than merely mentioning the letters themselves.
  • Mental Math – create a set of three counting instructions and count the sequences for thirty seconds. For example, you could try or count by three to thirty, then count by four to sixty and then lastly count by six to eighty. Doing this will help rejuvenate you and have you adequately focused when you start reading again.

While many people may think that listening to music is the perfect way to study, understand that it has its shortcomings. This article aims at highlighting the disadvantages of doing this.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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