Eric Anders ‘Big World Abide’ blends a bit of everything

Eric Anders has been creating really inspiring music for over a decade. Amazingly, this talented singer/songwriter began his musical journey later in life than most yet still managed to create a catalog of great songs, enough for a greatest hits album. Big World Abide is a collection of magnificent tunes that reminds us that there is still deep, thought provoking music being created.

With his voice that will instantly grab the listener, Big World Abide includes tracks from several of Anders earlier work, including his greatest work from Tethered To The Ground. In fact, the album begins with the acoustic heavy “Tethered To The Ground”, followed by the soulful “Big World Abide.” There’s also plenty of politically charged and socially conscious tracks including “Remains In Me” and “Genocide and Justice” which takes a look at war and terrorism.

Big World Abide includes a little bit of everything. For a greatest hits album this album can also be seen as a stand-alone album as each of the tracks really do blend well with one another. We suggest picking this one up but if you wish to hear more of this talented artist, pick up Tethered To The Ground where five of the tracks in Big World Abide come from.


Rob Perez
Rob Perez

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