“Generation Cancellation” released in North America

One of Russia’s most popular bands, Little Big, has released “Generation Cancellation,” a bold anti-war statement. The viral hitmakers have exiled their home country in response to the Russia/Ukraine crisis. The group brings their music and themselves to the United States for the first time with the single and video that has garnered nearly four million views since its release on June 23rd.

Known for their apolitical position, “Generation Cancellation” comes at a time when being Russian and apolitical is simply impossible, but even more impossible not to react to the current state of things. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many Russian citizens needed to choose a side, and unfortunately those vocal against the war in Ukraine and Russia’s external and internal politics had to escape the country for their own safety and safety of their families.

“War is not over. Stop war in Ukraine. Stop wars worldwide. No one deserves war,” the now-based Los Angeles group shares in the video’s description.

“Generation Cancellation” is the band’s visual manifesto criticizing the war, the politics, the propaganda in their signature style through a series of scenes filled with socio-political references and easter eggs. It’s directed by Alina Pasok and frontman Ilia Prusikin. Sonically, the track is a tribute to Prusikin’s favorite bands like Nirvana and The Prodigy.

“We love our country, but we disagree so much with the war in Ukraine and we believe that any kind of war is unacceptable,” shares Prusikin. “We condemn the actions of the Russian government and we were so disgusted by the Russian war propaganda that we decided to leave everything behind and start our lives from scratch.”

Little Big is a punk-pop-rave band with a super-virus audio-visual project and a fanbase expanding through the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, France and more. They are known for their collaborations with international artists such as Oliver Tree, Tommy Cash, Ghostemane, Clean Bandit, Sacha Baron Cohen and others.

The group’s video count has more than two billion views with previous single “Skibidi” becoming their most popular video with more than 500 million views. “Uno,” also a record breaker for the band, has become the most viewed video in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel with impressive 187 million views.