FestivalPass announces global launch

World’s first live event subscription marketplace is born

Austin-based company FestivalPass is proud to officially launch the world’s first live events subscription marketplace providing access to tens of thousands of music, film, food and wine, art, sports, lifestyle, and tech and innovation experiences around the globe for one monthly fee with no added ticket fees. The company was founded on the mission to inspire people to lead active and engaging lives through passion-connected member experiences. FestivalPass members can enjoy 80,000 plus live events from the most notable festivals like Coachella and ACL Music Festival, to live shows with GRAMMY-winning artists like Dua Lipa, John Mayer, Billie Eillish and more with a unique credit system. Members can also use their credits to book rooms at over 600,000 hotels at reduced rates.

FestivalPass is embracing the evolution of entertainment into Web3. In addition to adopting various blockchain technologies to drive its business, the company shares the philosophical belief that community is the core of any business and should participate in its future. In addition to accepting cryptocurrency for subscription and ticket payments, FestivalPass will be launching the first ever Lifetime Founder NFT for live events in June 2022 with incomparable access and utility.

“When we founded FestivalPass, it was under the belief that live entertainment should not be transactional,” shares FestivalPass Founder & CEO Ed Vincent. “We envisioned a community in which members could interact and share around the entertainment passions they hold and where their participation is rewarded. As Web3 became more mainstream throughout 2021 it became apparent that not only the technology of Web3 but the philosophy of Web3 supports our mission and goals to bring participation and ownership to the live event world.”

The company’s mission is to inspire people to lead active and engaging lives through passion-connected member experiences. Members access, discover and attend live events in the most user friendly, frictionless and affordable ticketing experience. Instead of buying tickets with high transaction fees for concerts, festivals and events, FestivalPass provides members access to tickets for thousands of events and festivals with a unique credit system. The membership includes credits to use for any event or festival, which means they can try as many experiences as they like. FestivalPass members pay a subscription ranging from $19 to $99 a month and receive credits to access tens of thousands of events nationwide. Members have the ability to redeem credits for tickets across the US, and hotel rooms globally.

While members of all generations will find value in being a member of FestivalPass across their range of entertainment interests, the company is targeting Millennials and Gen Z’s initially to enable young generations to engage in live events via an interactive digital platform and gamified way they demand to engage.

The team at FestivalPass spans the globe from Austin, New York, Aspen and Detroit to as far away as Lisbon and Bali. Founded by CEO Ed Vincent, a 20+ year proven entrepreneur and product leader with multiple exits, the unique marketplace model has attracted high profile investors and a growing team of executives determined to allow fans to consume live events. Stephan de Bernede, a 10+ year HomeAway – VRBO executive and partner in a blockchain venture fund, recently joined FestivalPass as its Chief Business Officer.

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