Garth Brooks hints at hiatus before touring overseas

Fans across the globe have been expecting that the Garth Brooks World Tour will come to them in 2018. The final North American leg is expected to wrap at the end of 2017. When Brooks was asked about plans for his tour internationally next year during a press conference in Albany on Friday (March 10th), he was unable to confirm solid plans and international commitments at this point. The three year North American tour outsold even Brooks’ largest predictions.

“Everyone’s pretty exhausted. I mean, five million tickets in one hundred cities in ’98. You’re thirty. Five million tickets in 60 cities, and you’re 55. It’s gonna take its toll,” Brooks says. “You’ll see these guys, right now, they are all out there laying down right now. All of ‘em. But tonight they’ll be like seven year old kids, man. It’s the most beautiful gift you could ever give somebody. Thank you for it because, all these people, including [Trisha Yearwood], she’ll be 17 tonight. And just beautiful. And just having the time of her life. It’s a great thing. So Australia was supposed to be. Right now we’re talking with Australia. We’ll see.”

His wife and fellow megastar Trisha Yearwood joked of the grueling schedule, “We think we might just take a nap in January.”

“We think we might just take a nap in January.”

Brooks also acknowledged the cost-prohibitive nature of touring on a different continent. Speaking specifically about Australia, he said, “You bring half your gear and you have to charge the people twice as much, that’s not fair. They should see the whole show.”

But there is hope for overseas fans as Brooks believes he found a way to bring the tour there while keeping costs low for all parties. “Festivals,” he declared happily. “Festivals are a cool way to do it. It seems to be the cool way. Festivals will also be our future. We don’t know if we will ever get tour like this again. It’s special.”

Brooks also confirmed during the press conference that the next single from Gunslinger is “Ask Me How I Know,” although he didn’t state when radio would be expected to start playing it. His latest single, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down And Dance,” is rapidly approaching the Top 10 on the Mediabase and Billboard Country Charts.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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