Simmons outlines for Congress the need to support American music creators

Following a year of cancelled live music events due to the COVID pandemic, including his own KISS world tour, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene Simmons met with key members of Congress where he was able to outline some of the most pressing issues directly affecting American music creators. Simmons participated in the meeting as part of ASCAP’s ongoing advocacy efforts in their “Stand with Songwriters” sessions.

“The music that moves the world – R&B, rock, blues, country western, various jazz – was all invented right here in America by the people who now can’t even quit their day job to devote their time to art,” shares Simmons. “There’s not going to be another Lennon, McCartney or Gershwin or somebody else because — even though the talent is out there — most people don’t realize every time you download a song, the songwriter is making minuscule amounts of one penny.”

“Protecting the rights of American music creators and defending the value of music has always been a core part of ASCAP’s mission, and we are thrilled to have some of our most talented members join us as we urge lawmakers in Washington to support the people who make the music we all know and love,” said ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews.

The pandemic has created unique challenges for the entire music industry – from songwriters, composers and music publishers to performance venues – but, as music creators became more dependent upon streaming income during lockdown, it has also highlighted how outdated music licensing rules no longer work in the modern digital music marketplace. Now, more than ever, music creators need to be able to earn a fair, livable wage for when their music is played. During “Stand with Songwriters” Advocacy Month, ASCAP members will encourage Members of Congress to stand with songwriters during this difficult time and help music creators rebuild and modernize America’s vibrant music industry.

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