The run of guitars is limited to 100 units

Gibson continues its multi-year partnership with Kiss co-founder Gene Simmons to create the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass. The Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is inspired by the same bass that Simmons played with Kiss in the 1970s. The new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is a limited edition run of 100 guitars and is available worldwide at authorized Gibson Custom Shop dealers and via

If you saw Kiss perform their high-octane live shows and television appearances in the 1970s, you may have spotted the bass that inspired this signature model from Gene Simmons and Gibson Custom Shop. Based on Gene’s heavily modified 1959 EB-0, the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is the first 30.5-inch scale bass from the Gibson Custom Shop and the first bass the Custom Shop has produced in quantity.

The Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass features a VOS finish in Ebony, as well as VOS hardware throughout, in addition, Simmons made several modifications to his EB-0, including refinishing it, reshaping the neck to a custom profile, replacing the pickup with a later model Gibson unit, and relocating it much closer to the bridge, installing a custom pickguard, a fingerboard with Corian nut, adding binding, and changing the original tuners to Grovers. The bridge was also replaced with a high-mass model and can now be strung through-body or as a top-loaded bridge. All of these details are faithfully represented in the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass from Gibson Custom Shop.

A custom hardshell case as well as case candy developed in collaboration with Gene is also included.