A guide for the best left-handed acoustic guitar for your budget

We all love guitars, but can we all agree; it’s hard out there for people who play left-handed guitars. They may seem inaccessible at times, and there might be a price difference between left and right-handed guitars.

You might not even have that much information about them because all your friends use the right-handed guitar. Well, don’t worry and leave it up to us, as we tell you, the top left handed guitars for you!

There are multiple things to consider while getting a left-handed acoustic guitar. The type of wood and the material used for the construction of the guitar is absolutely necessary to consider, as they have a huge effect on the sound and the volume of the sound.

Hardwoods and softwoods are something to keep in mind while purchasing an acoustic guitar. Left-handed guitar hunting according to price is often tough because it has a more intricate and detailed assembly process as compared to a right-handed guitar. The fingerboard is something that you should absolutely be comfortable with as each guitar is different from one another.

Other than that, the guitar should be easy and comfortable to use. You need to be content with its size and shape and the width of its neck. Aspects like that really make or break a guitarist’s journey.

1. Oscar Schmidt 6 String OG1B ¾ Acoustic Left-handed Guitar

Even though Oscar Schmidt isn’t a guitar brand that comes to your mind when you think of the best guitar brands, this particular guitar is something that works absolutely perfectly as a starter and beginner guitar.

It isn’t a full-size guitar; in fact, it is a ¾ size of a normal guitar. This might be good for beginners who are intimidated by the size of regular guitars and want to start on something small. It is very well made with a meticulously sleek look and a classic Dreadnought look.

It also produces a sweet and beautiful sound due to extremely high-quality hard work and neck width. This is also one of the cheapest options if you are looking for an acoustic beginner left handed guitar that makes a great sound.

2. Ibanez AE245 Left-handed

It is a comfortable and affordable left-handed guitar with a beautiful mahogany body and a large sound projection. This is considered one of the best and most cost-effective left-handed guitars, with its absolutely stunning construction, which gives it a simple but elegant look.

There are no tone controls that come with the guitar, which might be a drawback, but other than that, at its price, it has a large volume capacity, and it’s built with proper and high-quality materials. What else do you want as a guitar buyer?!

3. Martin LX1 Little Martin Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has an intricate and detailed design due to its Sitka spruce top and mahogany body. It produces a beautiful, deep, and vibrant sound while being an affordable guitar. This is also a perfect pick for a left-handed acoustic guitarist.

The world of left-handed guitars is kept in the dark sometimes due to the scarcity of left-handed guitarists compared to their right-handed allies. Hopefully, this guide told you what to consider and what your best options are!

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