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Here is how you can produce perfect recordings from your home

Singing is not just fun but a lifelong passion for some people. It’s a living necessity for them. Songs run in the veins of singers who can just never get enough of them. There are a majority of singers who are famous for their amazing songs while others wait their entire life to get a break in their career, waiting to be recognized by some group of famous song studios to sponsor them. But why wait to be sponsored when you can record your songs easily from your home?

There are many different ways to record your song directly from your home. You don’t have to go anywhere or need anyone to give your permission. It’s your own house and you can just start recording your first song right in your house. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up a little home studio within your house. It’s time to make your empty garage useful.

Here is how you can produce perfect recordings from your home using some very basic studio equipment that you can purchase easily for your home studio.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

First things first, you will need an advanced Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. Judging by its name, it is software that lets you manage everything about your song like the volume, the sound mixing, beatboxing, manage vocal tones, increase or decrease certain nodes, add sound effects, change audio quality, add background sounds and so much more. In short, with the help of DAW software, you can easily record, mix, edit and produce any type of audio songs that you like.

There are so many different types of free audio software that you can easily find on the internet. There are some premium ones also available in the market. Whichever you choose, just make sure your PC can run it smoothly so that you won’t have to face any problems producing recordings in the future.

Leading Microphone

No matter what kind of song you are going to produce, having a leading Microphone in your home studio is a must-have. Believe it or not, your songs when recorded with a microphone make a huge difference. According to, a microphone can enhance the quality of your vocal tones 10 times more than any other built-in mic.

Most people avoid buying a separate microphone thinking it’s a waste of money as they already have a built-in microphone in their headphones or laptop. But once you compare the sounds of both, you’ll be amazed to see the difference.

An XLR Microphone Cable

Your microphones are needed to be connected with the rest of the equipment. For this, you need a special microphone cable known as the XLR cable. This XLR cable is particularly meant to connect your leading microphone to the audio interface establishing a strong connection between the two equipment. The cable comes in several variable sizes and lengths. You should buy an XLR microphone cable that is somewhere between 15 to 25 feet in length. This is an ideal length for not creating a tangible cable mess within your house and it will not be too short to move about the studio. It will hardly cost you no more than $10 to $20.

There are two terminal ends of the cable, known as a male and a female end. Both ends have a separate purpose and destination. Make sure that you are inserting the right terminal to the right destination when you are connecting your microphone to the audio interface.

An Audio Interface

The XLR cable connects your Microphone to the audio interface so it is obvious that you must have an Audio interface, to begin with. An audio interface is a means to convert and convey your Microphone signals into your computer. Some computers come with a built-in audio XLR port but they are usually the ones meant especially for studios. Chances are your computer might lack the XLR port so buying a separate Audio interface that works effectively with your computer as well as your Microphone is a must. Usually, all the quality audio interface costs a fortune but it is a worthy expense that you should consider making if you want to have a home studio.

Set of Quality Headphones

Last but not least, you need a set of some quality Headphones. Usually, all the singers already have one or two headphones at home so if you also have a set of quality headphones lying around somewhere in your room, you don’t need to go and buy another. But make sure your headphones are working properly as they play a significant role in recording a song. Also, your headphones should be comfortable for your head and ears so that you can wear them easily without having headaches.

Now that you have all the things necessary to produce your song, get to the Recording part already. Go ahead and produce some amazing recordings without leaving the comfort zone of your home.