J-Hope releases ‘On The Street’ with J Cole

Song & video are available now

J-Hope of 21st century pop icons BTS has released his new single, “On The Street” with J. Cole via BigHit Music. The official music video of the song was also revealed on the official YouTube channel.

The song arrives about seven months after his first official solo album Jack In The Box released in July 2022. The song conveys gratitude and hope as an ode to his fans.

The lo-fi hip hop track is an earworm with easy-listening melody and warm-hearted lyrics. The K-pop star participated in the songwriting and the creative process for the choreography and music video, delivering a hopeful message and warmth with the change of season. The song is highlighted by the whistling sound recorded by J-Hope himself.

J-Hope took the word “street” as a key motif for the song. “Street” can be interpreted as a place where many people’s everyday lives pass by — a metaphor for life. The word also bears special meanings for the pop star as it comes from the genre “street dance” that represents his roots as an artist. Street is where his musical inspirations come from and where he learns lessons of life. It also symbolizes the path he will continue to take with fans around the world.

For the song, J-Hope is joined by one of his all-time favorite artists, rapper and producer J. Cole. J-Hope’s bright energy and J. Cole’s heartfelt rapping together create a unique synergy between the two artists.

The music video pictures J-Hope freely vibing on the streets of New York City. From narrow streets to subway stations and a rooftop, he takes the viewers through moments in life represented on the street. J. Cole also makes an appearance in the music video with the two meeting on the rooftop at the end.

Furthermore, J-Hope held a Weverse live outdoors just prior to the release of the track, introducing and expressing his views about the song. Since the title suggests his dream and the message of “a path to walk together” with fans around the world, he set out to engage fans in a novel way against the backdrop of the street.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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