Harlow’s concert is quite an experience

Jack Harlow pulled into Silver Spring, MD on September 18th for his Creme De La Creme tour which was at The Fillmore. For some fans, the 12 hour plus wait in line was worth securing a spot close to the stage. This highly anticipated show was more than a good time, it was exceptionally crafted.

Mavi was first to take the stage. The 20 year old Charlotte rapper has a fire inside his soul. He is fun, lively and knows how to perform for a crowd. Mavi raps about liberation for his people and the struggles that come with it. Mavi is an artist that possesses talent well beyond his years.

Babyface Ray was next in line. It took the Detroit rapper over 10 years to build momentum, but now that he’s arrived, he’s here to stay. His sound is Detroit heavy and his penmanship knows no bounds. He isn’t one to dance around on stage and pull the gimmick card, he just raps bars.

Jack Harlow took the stage in a nice little cafe vibe set up. The Creme De La Creme theme rang true with this visuals. They were indeed top notch. Harlow, who has a female DJ named Niyah, seems to support women in the industry and that is just another attribute as to why the world loves him. DJ Niyah is a breath of fresh air. She is young, determined and insanely beautiful. Her presence was most certainly an asset for this tour.

Harlow delivered a flawless set. Performing songs like “Face Of My City” and “Keep It Light” he nailed each track head on. Harlow performed tracks from 2017/2018 as well as to date. He interacted with the crowd almost non stop. It’s abundantly clear that Harlow has a special bond with his fans, the entire show was almost set up to be interactive with them. In almost 10 years of music journalism, I have never seen such a dedicated fanbase. Harlow’s tribe could easily be compared to that of Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj. His fans are epic.

Harlow, a Caucasian boy from Kentucky, has made a huge name for himself in hip hop. He is raw, admired and has a charismatic personality. If we compared artists to sports, he would be the Steph Curry of the league. His skills, performance and demeanor are exquisite. His set was so entertaining, I forgot to take proper notes. I was heavily in the zone.

Jack Harlow’s Creme De La Creme Tour is a whole experience. I’d suggest finding a city near you and see for yourself.

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