Joey Jordison 911 phone call released

Jordison’s death shocked the music industry

The audio from the 911 call surrounding former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s death has been released. TMZ has obtained the audio in which an ex girlfriend of Jordison’s dispatches for officers after smelling a strong odor from inside.

“I drove up [to check on him] because I just worry that something’s happened to him. He’s a really bad alcoholic and has severe health issues, and I’m in the garage right now. I opened the door going into the house from the garage. I did not go in yet, but it smells immediately, and I think he’s dead,” the caller says.

“There’s a really bad smell coming from the house as soon as I open the door and I just shut it. I’m standing in the garage, I just don’t want to go in here alone, and I don’t know what I’m going to encounter here.”

It appears Jordison was living at a property owned and/or maintained by the ex.

“I haven’t seen any motion. I have motion sensors on the house and I still take care of all the bills and everything and order food and things of that nature,” she states. “I have two motion cameras. I haven’t seen any motion in days. I sent some friends over here to knock on the door and the police couldn’t get any response. I maintain the lawn. I maintain the garbage. I have people, you know, that are handling everything so it doesn’t look like things are [inaudible] from the outside looking in type of thing, but there’s a really strong odor as soon as I open the door.”

The ex became emotional when the dispatcher asked for Jordison’s name and birthdate. She was then instructed to wait in her vehicle until help arrived.

Jordison’s death was announced on Tuesday (July 27th) and it was presumed he died the day before. However, neither the official cause of death nor has his death date been revealed at this time. The local medical examiner’s office is investigating.

Jordison was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a neurological condition that impacted his walking and drumming abilities, near the end of his time with Slipknot in 2013.

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