Latto brings 777 energy to Maryland

Rapper is headlining the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour

The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland was filled to the brim on Tuesday, April 19th. Fans waited in the cold for what seemed like eternity as they rushed to get their place in line for Latto’s highly anticipated (and highly criticized) Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents: Latto 777 Tour. The 23 year old Atlanta rapper has always been genuinely herself since she hit the scene. Upon the announcement of her headlining tour, critics tweeted their distaste on the matter by claiming her stage and her audience just wasn’t up to par. However, with the majority of her shows being sold out, I believe Latto has proven her point without even saying a word.

This particular tour line up was interesting being that most of the artists were female. The line up consist of artists such as J Young MDK, Saucy Santana, Asianae and Kali.

Kali, a Georgia bred artist, is one of the hungriest young artists you’ll find on today’s roster. She performed songs such as “Do A Bitch” and “MMM MMM.” After her set, she spent the rest of her time visiting with fans. A humble (yet hungry) artist, Kali has the full package. From her wardrobe to her exceptional stage presence, Kali is the epitome of why young women should always follow their dreams. With her momager right by her side, Kali isn’t far from the finish line. If she isn’t up next, she’s certainly not far behind.

Florida rapper, Saucy Santana was one of the most awaited artists to take the stage. From the moment I stepped in line, I could hear chatter of what concert goers expected from the outlandish and in your face persona that’s known as Saucy Santana. A natural star, Santana has a massive fan base who supports him heavily. His anthems of women empowerment, POC and even LGBTQ related topics, keep people coming back for more. One thing Saucy Santana gives, is confidence. His entire performance gave “I’m a bad bitch.” Santana’s stage presence was on fire. The aura was contagious and he gave the people everything they wanted and more.

Atlanta native, Latto, had a set full of poker chips and slot machines. She entered the stage with a golden two piece fit and it was clear she came to play no games. She performed tracks such as “Wheelie” and “Soufside.” The stage was overflowing with entertainment. Latto and her dancers had amazing choreography and chemistry. Latto isn’t just bound to Atlanta rap, but has transitioned into international pop star.

This tour has showcased her limits that some people just didn’t think was possible for her to reach. She gives energy, she gives hard work, she gives a massive amount of talent. You see, the one thing that should be noted about the under dog is that they always come out on top.

Her latest album titled 777 which was released on March 25th, highlighted her adaptability as well as her desire to grow within her craft. Some claim she’s still finding herself, however, I think she knows exactly who she is and it’s the rest of the world who is having trouble seeing it. When Latto is on stage, she asserts freedom, joy and inspiration to women. You watch her and believe you can do anything yourself. She’s raw and uncut. She’s just proud to be a woman who didn’t have to sleep her way to the top and that resonates with so many fans. You see a more vulnerable side to Latto when she performs songs such as “Sunshine” which she’s referred to as “hood gospel.” She has so many layers and it’s been riveting to see those play out on stage.

Latto’s 777 Tour is exactly what the industry needed in 2022 — an action packed line up with females leading the way. One thing is for sure, it’s certainly giving boss bitch.

Brittany Vance
Brittany Vance

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