‘Los Punks: We Are All We Have’ takes you inside punk in Los Angeles

To really get a first-hand look at the a community that is not well known or understood outside the barrio, Los Punks: We Are All We Have will show you a side of life that has been around and know to Los Angeles inner city Latinos. It will show you that punk rock is thriving at backyard parties featuring hardcore punk bands where mosh pits are just as dangerous, fights among drunken party-goers is not just common but a regular occurrence, and where people can actually put on great shows for people looking to relieve their tension.

Well produced with almost like guerilla-like camerawork, Los Punks is as raw as the bands and personalities it profiles. It also only looks at the community; there’s no one from outside the community looking in to discuss its cultural impact on the surrounding Latino communities. We see the struggles these bands go through and how the music is impacted by their surroundings. It’s not a pretty look at this punk sub-culture; Los Punks makes no apologies that this documentary is a gritty and an honest look at the people who are a part of this, and you almost kind of know that many of the personalities featured won’t have a happily ever after ending.

Still, it’s filled with great music we guarantee you’ve never heard performed in this way. It’s real, raw, honest, what punk should be in any language and in any community.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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