The Dangerous World Tour stopped in the DC area

Chart-topping, Billboard record-smashing recording artist Morgan Wallen took the stage Saturday (June 4th) night at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA to a rapt crowd of 25,000 fans.

Opening the show with an explosion as he took the stage, Wallen and crew did not let up all night. His band, clad in black button-downs with mechanic-style nametags, moved effortlessly between twangy country and the hard-edged rap-infused southern rock that makes Wallen a standout artist.

Wallen himself opted for a simple look: truckers cap, t-shirt (that actually fit and wasn’t painted/on), jeans and boots. A style that belays his prominence as the biggest chart-performing artist of this decade.

As a performer, Wallen is a unique blend of energetic yet stoic. He can whip his mullet back and forth or jump to the beat, all while keeping his piercing eyes locked on the crowd.

Wallen is also a rare breed in that he’s become a metal headliner with just two albums of original music. As such, the night proved a full offering of his catalogue. “Country A$$ Shit” is already an anthem at just over a year old. And the 29 year-old already has a signature song: show-closer “Whiskey Glasses.”

When this country concert wasn’t a pyro-infused arena rock show, it was stripped down to just Wallen and his guitar, proving that though he may cross genre, he’s still country at heart. In fact, Wallen showed some love to the fans on Jiffy Lube’s lawn with an acoustic set that contained some of the nights best songs. “Flower Shop,” his new single with Ernest, was particularly impactful.

One song in particular towards the end of the main set, “Don’t Think Jesus,” had the best message of the night. A song that speaks of forgiveness for mistakes, it was released this year. Well it has not been stated, this song was likely written during Wallen’s brush with cancel culture early last year.

But his fans have had the last word. During a time when main stream radio would not play him, award shows would not welcome him, and his record label future was in jeopardy, his fans kept Dangerous The Double Album at the top of the charts. And it is these fans that are turning out in incredible numbers to see his first ever headlining tour.

Now, Wallen is back in the industries good graces after a round of mea culpa press. He recently took home honors at the Billboard Music Awards. And if what was witnessed in Bristol Virginia is any clue, Entertainer of the Year is on the horizon for the young country singer who has brought mullets back.