New Order announces ‘Movement (Definitive Edition)’ boxed set

New Order have announced the boxed set release of their debut album Movement on April 5, 2019. Four 12-inch singles that were released around the same period, but were not featured on the album will be released in March.

Out of the ashes of Joy Division, the remaining members decided to carry on recording under the name of New Order. Recorded between April 24th and May 4, 1981 at Strawberry Studios in Stockport, England, the band’s debut album Movement featured all new material. The album was produced by Martin Hannett and was originally released by Factory Records in November 1981.

The Movement (Definitive Edition) will include the vinyl LP with its original iconic sleeve designed by Peter Saville, original CD in replica mini album sleeve, a bonus CD of previously unreleased tracks, DVD of live shows and TV appearances, plus a hard backed book, all housed in a lift-off lid box.

The four 12-inch singles “Ceremony (version 1),” “Ceremony (version 2),” “Everything’s Gone Green” and “Temptation” will be released in their original sleeves starting March 8th.


[one_half]LP/CD 1: (Original Album)

1. Dreams Never End
2. Truth
3. Senses
4. Chosen Time
5. ICB
6. The Him
7. Doubts Even Here
8. Denial

CD 2: (Previously Unreleased)

1. Dreams Never End (Western Works Demo)
2. Homage (Western Works Demo)
3. Ceremony (Western Works Demo)
4. Truth (Western Works Demo)
5. Are You Ready For This? (Western Works Demo)
6. The Him (Cargo Demo)
7. Senses (Cargo Demo)
8. Truth (Cargo Demo)
9. Dreams Never End (Cargo Demo)
10. Mesh (Cargo Demo)
11. ICB (Cargo Demo)
12. Procession (Cargo Demo)
13. Cries And Whispers (Cargo Demo)
14. Doubts Even Here (Instrumental) (Cargo Demo)
15. Ceremony (1st Mix – Ceremony Sessions)
16. Temptation (Alternative 7″)
17. Procession (Rehearsal Recording)
18. Chosen Time (Rehearsal Recording)[/one_half]


  1. In A Lonely Place (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  2. Procession (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  3. Dreams Never End (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  4. Mesh (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  5. Truth (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  6. Cries & Whispers (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  7. Denial (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  8. Ceremony (Hurrah’s, NY 1980)
  9. In A Lonely Place (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  10. Dreams Never End (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  11. Chosen Time (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  12. ICB (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  13. Senses (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  14. Denial (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  15. Everything’s Gone Green (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  16. Hurt – instrumental (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  17. Temptation (Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981)
  18. Doubts Even Here (Granada Studios 1981)
  19. The Him (Granada Studios 1981)
  20. Procession (Granada Studios 1981)
  21. Senses (Granada Studios 1981)
  22. Denial (Granada Studios 1981)
  23. Temptation (BBC Riverside 1982)
  24. Chosen Time (BBC Riverside 1982)
  25. Procession (BBC Riverside 1982)
  26. Hurt (Instrumental) (BBC Riverside 1982)
  27. Senses (BBC Riverside 1982)
  28. Denial (BBC Riverside 1982)
  29. In A Lonely Place (BBC Riverside 1982)
  30. Ceremony” (CoManCHE Student Union 1981)
  31. In A Lonely Place (Toronto 1981)
  32. Temptation (Soul Kitchen, Newcastle 1982)
  33. Hurt Le Palace (Paris 1982)
  34. Procession (Le Palace”, Paris 1982)
  35. Chosen Time (Pennies 1982)
  36. Truth (The Haçienda 1983)
  37. ICB (Minneapolis 1983)[/one_half_last]

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