Collection includes 1-of-1 physical ownership of rare photo slides from RETNA archives

OneOf announces The Beatles: Vintage Slides collection in partnership with Globe Entertainment and Media (Globe), custodian of the world’s most famous archives. Honoring the band’s everlasting influence on fans and musicians around the world, the collection pairs physical memorabilia with a digital certificate of authenticity to offer fans a chance to own never-before-seen photo slides of the rock group.

Discovered in an old filing cabinet in 2022, this unique collection of 40 vintage photo slides date back to 1966 and have not seen the light of day in over half a century. For the first time the photos are now viewable to the public and the physical photo slides from the famous RETNA and London Features International Archives are available for purchase as one-of-one memorabilia. Each purchase of a photo slide will also include a Digital Certificate of Authenticity, minted on the Tezos blockchain, to confirm the buyer’s ownership of their unique slide.

The first 20 slides in the collection will be offered in an exclusive pre-sale at $199 to holders of the OneOf OnePass, a digital key that unlocks exclusive access to drop pre-sales, discounts, giveaways, and more. The OnePass holders will have 48 hours to access the photo slides of their choice before slides 21-40 are released for public pre-sale at $250 each. The main sale of the collection will take place on March 2nd where the remaining unsold photo slides (1-40) will be available to purchase for $300.

OneOf will debut new technology that bundles digital and physical assets on the blockchain. The patent-pending technology was developed by software partner Microgroove in Seattle.

Each vintage slide is 2 x 2 inches and encased in 5 x 5 inch clear acrylic frames, and will contain a minted NFC tag affixed to the frame. When the NFC tag is scanned by a smartphone (no app required), an image of the corresponding Digital Certificate of Authenticity will be displayed via the phone’s default web browser. The memorabilia will be sent to the mailing address provided by the buyers within 30 days.