Students cover music production, manufacturing, marketing and distribution

Regular readers of The Music Universe are aware that the music industry is one of the most fluid and reactive in the world. Over the past two decades alone, the advent of the internet, social media, downloads and streaming have changed its face forever, not to mention the explosion of digital music making tools that have made it easier than ever to get into making music.

With each seismic shift, the industry has had to adapt, and to succeed in the industry today’s managers, agents and label heads must master skills no one would even have heard of just a generation ago. That said, opportunities are rife, and it’s perhaps easier to get your foot in the door than ever before. Many of the key traits needed to succeed remain the same, and there will never be a replacement for tenacity and the drive to succeed.

That’s why since 1994, Point Blank Music School has been at the forefront in developing and delivering comprehensive courses that provide all the tools needed to thrive, and they are thrilled to announce a new degree program, the BA (Hons) in Music Industry Management, launching shortly in September this year.

Point Blank’s new higher education degree is firmly rooted in practical skills, and all who pass through its doors will leave with the skills and confidence to do whatever it is they want in the music industry. Point Blank students cover the production, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of music as well as setting up a record label. On the live music front, students gain the knowledge necessary to develop, budget and execute live performances and tours from start to finish. Other vital aspects include in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) law with a particular focus on copyright; advanced knowledge of the structure of the industry and the relationships between record labels, music publishing and the live sector; how to negotiate music industry contracts and deals; as well as identifying their own career opportunities and having a strategy for succeeding in a chosen field.

As you would expect with Point Blank, all instructors are industry professionals with a demonstrable real-world experience at the very highest level. Take Jen Anderson, for example: she set up King Tut Records, ran “T In The Park” for five years and is in charge of the management and record label company Euphonios. Kevin Kerrigan is another who has worked with stellar names like Bjork, Kylie and Eurythmics, as well as massive companies including Warner Bros, Sony and Universal. This is just a small snapshot of the experience Point Blank instructors bring to the course. As with Point Blank’s other degree programs, instructors pride themselves on the level of contact time students will receive, which is far above the traditional higher education average. Furthermore, students have access to regular guest masterclasses from esteemed industry figures.

Point Blank’s BA (Hons) Music Industry Management degree is brand new and expanded at degree level. With over 25 years pedigree as a music school, they have a long history of teaching students how to navigate the music industry with their Music Industry Certificate and Short Course. You will find Point Blank’s Music Industry graduates in all avenues of the industry today. Gemma Cairney, of Channel 4 and BBC (UK) fame was an early member of its music industry student body, and a few years ago you would have found DJ Madam X and radio presenters Monki and Tayo all in the same class.

Point Blank are not just looking to give students a great education, they’re looking to build the next generation of label heads, promoters, managers and agents from the ground up.

The new Music Industry course curriculum commences in September and is of very limited availability. Complete an application form on their website before spaces run out!