Elvis Presley remains one of the most influential musicians of all time. More than 40 years after his death, his legacy lives on in different ways.

In fact, Warner Bros. recently released a special edition of the 1970 documentary, Elvis: That’s The Way It Is. In celebration of 85 years of Elvis, the re-released documentary has introduced the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll to new fans and allowed older ones to relive his glory days.

Meanwhile, the same can be said of Elvis-inspired titles in modern gaming. On popular gaming platform Gala Bingo, the dedicated Elvis casino slot makes use of the man’s iconic music, style, and legacy to attract different players. Alongside the classic Elvis Trivia and Bingo games, these interactive and licensed games are helping keep his legacy alive. And these are just some of the many ways in which the King has been immortalized in modern media.

However, digital media isn’t the only way for Elvis’ legacy to thrive. Today, the Presley family’s Graceland Mansion continues to be an extant concrete reminder of one of the biggest careers in rock history. Since Elvis’ death, much of the 500-acre lot and estate has been opened to the public through

official tours. And while these tours reveal a lot about the man’s life, there are certain secrets that aren’t covered by their regular itinerary. If you’re curious about Elvis’ legacy, here are some of the secrets you probably didn’t know about Graceland.

Rigged Pinball Machine

Almost 20 years after purchasing Graceland, Elvis’ final addition to the estate was a private racquetball court where he could relax. In one corner of the court, he kept a rigged pinball machine called Knock Out. According to Graceland’s archivist, Elvis had the machine rigged to always let the first player win, which was always him. And he would often play pinball with his Memphis Mafia, the group of friends, colleagues, and loved ones that he kept close.

The Archives Vault

Fireproof, earthquake-proof, and tornado-proof, somewhere inside the Graceland estate lies its secret archival vault. It’s filled with Elvis’ most personal and prized possessions. This includes movie posters, checks signed by Elvis, the majority of his iconic wardrobe, jewelry, thousands of photographs, and more. Outsiders are very rarely allowed inside this secret vault. And fortunately for the Presley family, it’s actual location within the estate remains a secret.

Elvis’ Bedroom

For historical posterity, Elvis’ upstairs bedroom is kept exactly the way he left it. The last record that he played still sits in the record player, his bed is made, and the room is regularly cleaned by special staff. Under orders from Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, the privacy of this space has been well preserved since the King’s death.

Secret Kitchen Stairs

Graceland’s kitchen is a big part of its identity. This is where all of Elvis’ meals, as well as the food for his parties, were cooked and prepared. He even had a secret staircase that allowed him to get to the kitchen without passing through the regular foyer. As Your Sport Spot reveals, this secret staircase is special not just because it’s hidden – but also because it also has a bedazzled chandelier.

These are just some of the secret rooms and details hidden in Graceland Mansion. For more features and insights about your favorite musicians, keep checking in with The Music Universe.