Six tips for getting more exposure as a musician

How can you determine which platforms are worth your time and efforts when there are so many opportunities to market your music online – and only so many hours in the day?

You’ll stretch yourself too thin and ultimately burn out if you attempt to market your music via every outlet accessible to you at the same time. On top of that, you’ll be disappointed that all of your hard work hasn’t gotten you very far.

Instead of attempting the unattainable, concentrate your efforts on a few platforms where your current and prospective followers are most likely to spend time online. Begin by marketing your music on your own via the media that you like utilizing, then work your way up from there.

1. Prioritize your Music Website

Create a music website with a custom domain name to ensure that your followers will always be able to locate you online. Your website should serve as a one-stop-shop for your newest music, an EPK, your official artist profile, forthcoming events, and other information.

You’ll utilize your website to promote music online by highlighting new albums, listing your whole career, and drumming up interest for your live performance. A music website is the most effective method to encourage your followers to support your music directly.

2. Take advantage of social media

Engage your followers on social media. There’s no doubt that a solid social media marketing plan can help you grow your business. Having a consistent, captivating, and engaging presence across various social media channels is essential. Also, to make it easier for people looking for you online, keep your profile handles consistent.

There’s an endless amount of advice on how to handle your social media channels out there, and things are continuously changing across all platforms. For additional information on managing and making the most of your social media presence, check out some of these valuable sites.

3. Pitch your Music Playlist

Pitching your music is one of the most time-consuming tasks a professional musician must do. Your song may be included on a variety of playlists and music websites. Write a detailed artist bio and get it published by someone you can trust. It takes much effort to have your music included on different streaming services, so start by pitching to various playlists online.

Your genre may find a home on music websites that also showcase emerging talents. Pitching is an underappreciated technique, but it’s essential to realize that it doesn’t happen immediately. You’ll need a few supporters to get started, and you may gradually develop into something more important over time.

4. Collaborate with other artists

When it comes to working with other artists, there are many advantages. Collabs multiply your exposure and experience to a large number of individuals. It makes you visible to the fans of other artists, and it puts your music ahead of the curve with those who are already familiar with you.

Always be willing to collaborate, and attempt to reach out to other artists. If you are rejected, your experience will demonstrate that you are eager to work with other musicians. The

primary aim of the cooperation is to acquire more followers, and if it doesn’t work out right away, agree to a shout-out on social media and other online platforms with the other party.

5. Be out there and play live

Obviously, in the Covid-19 age, this is much more challenging, but concerts and tours provide a vital opportunity to interact with fans. Get hired at neighboring venues, do excellent performances for local music lovers, and you’ll soon amass a loyal following. However, keep in mind that you must make people remember you, therefore, be memorable.

After you’ve established a local following, you may hit the road and explore new music scenes city by city or even nation by country. If this seems too straightforward, that’s because it is. Touring and performing shows night after night is exhausting, but the benefits will speak for themselves if you have an outstanding live performance.

6. Have plans and goals

To put these ideas into action, create a checklist with specific steps. Making a list allows you to assign duties to your bandmates and keep everyone focused. Create a single Gmail account for all social media and website-building tool signups. This is preferable to utilize individual band member emails. What if the bass player leaves with the Instagram handle? Indicate which accounts are personal and which are band-owned.

Creating an internet presence should be approached with excitement. Remember that online fans are as valuable as those you encounter outside a club after a performance. You can use your independent budget to create a visually appealing website and utilize free social media by planning ahead of time and following through.

Our thoughts

Unlike others who have quit, some artists have experienced setbacks. These marketing tactics are meant to help musicians. While it does not guarantee immediate success, it does promise that promoting yourself beyond music may help you become an artist.

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