The smartphone games every music fan should session

Alongside listening to the latest hits on the bus with some headphones on and following various news and views from the music world through a popular podcast, music fans use their smartphones to play games. In fact, music games are impressive in the modern environment.

Smartphone gaming’s appeal is obvious anyway. It’s affordable, it’s portable, it’s more casual compared to other more intense gaming platforms, and it provides genuine fun and entertainment, given the diverse range of games that occupy this emerging gaming opportunity. Music games are certainly adding to smartphone gaming’s appeal, particularly if you’re keen to put your rhythm skills to the test or fancy playing a game with a series of catchy numbers. The options are vast.

Of course, in the same way that music fans are exposed to a forgettable track from a much-loved artist, gaming audiences are inundated with poor releases that definitely aren’t worth playing. Fear not; we’re focusing on the best of the best here, as mobile gamers with a passion for music continue to explore a selection of solid music games that every music fan should session.

Cytus covers a diverse range of music genres

A game that caters to music fans of nearly every genre, Cytus is a musical masterpiece that deserves far more recognition. Taking place in a magical musical world, players can nod along to over 200 beats, it features a diverse range of music, from jazz and drum to hardcore and pop, while the game’s challenging rhythm aspect will keep you firmly on your toes as you make the most of its distinctive gameplay mechanics that provide a truly pleasurable experience.

Sayonara Wild Hearts understandably appeals

A smash-hit rhythm game that’s available on iOS and Android devices, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game that will keep you melodically engaged for a good while. Featuring gorgeous visuals and 23 challenging levels at the time of writing, this rhythm favorite is well worth sampling on mobile.

Dance Party features a vibrant theme with great music

If you’re after something a little bit different, then Pragmatic Play’s Dance Party is worth exploring. Dance Party features a vibrant theme with great music, while its neon feel provides an eye-catching aesthetic as players enjoy various symbols that are prominent throughout, such as a DJ spinning the decks. If you’re staying in one night and don’t fancy hitting the club, then enjoy a party-themed gaming package from the comfort of your phone in this top title.

Bash baddies to the beat in Muse Dash

Another excellent game in this category is Muse Dash, a top 2D side scroller that tasks players with seeing off a wave of baddies to the beat of a selection of killer tunes. Combining both the rhythm genre and the beat-em-up genre to create an engaging product, there are plenty of great characters to get through in this one, while the game also contains hundreds of tough levels to smash your way through.

Deemo is for classical music lovers

If heavy guitars and cheesy pop isn’t your thing, and you prefer classical compositions from an orchestra, then you’ll definitely take to Deemo. Also boasting visually pleasing illustrative art throughout and a variety of stunning scenes, this tap-based favorite is perfect for people who prefer violins and flutes over drums and heavy bass.

Beatstar is a bit like Rock Band

Rock Band is an iconic game that many other titles have tried and failed to replicate. While Beatstar isn’t exactly the same as players don’t play it using fake instruments, you still play along to a catchy melody by tapping away on tiles.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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