Spotify Wrapped, Apple Year in Review

Rewind your year in music and see what you really listened to. Now, for Apple users too

As 2018 comes to an end, music lovers can take a peak at their most favorite artists and songs of the year, with options now for Apple Music, as well as Spotify.

Apple Music subscribers no longer need to feel left out. A new app called “Music Year in Review,” made by NoiseHub, offers users insight to their music tastes from throughout the year. The free download in the App Store, links to Apple Music user accounts before gathering data and showing personal listening trends. The app is designed as a comparable, but less introspective version of Spotify’s “Wrapped”.

On December 6th, Spotify released its annual Wrapped feature, giving both Premium and Free subscribers a glimpse into their listening habits from the past 365 days. The microsite offers everything there is to know about how you’ve listened this year, including stats of your most-played artists, songs, and genres.

Wrapped offers further personalized insight to users most played artists and songs via a “Your Top Songs 2018” playlist, comprised of 100 tracks, with the first song on the list being your most played of the year. A quick scroll left will reveal the songs you loved most this year, all wrapped up, where users are able to see just how much time they’ve spent listening to their favorite tunes.

Spotify Wrapped introduced something new this year with its “Tastebreakers” feature, allowing listeners to bring in 2019 with something new through a specifically tailored-to-taste playlist of 50 tracks designed to introduce users to new artists and songs.

Gloria Ruth Finney
Gloria Ruth Finney

Gloria Ruth Finney is a Music Journalist based in Nashville, TN. She uses her experience as a multimedia journalist and on-air reporter to produce creative content by combining her passions for music and news.