World Wide Whack will drop on March 15th

Grammy-nominated recording artist and creative auteur Tierra Whack is again ready to set the world ablaze this spring with her boundless creativity and lyrical brilliance. On March 15th, fans will receive Whack’s most artistic project to date with her debut album, World Wide Whack, via Interscope Records.

For Tierra’s album artwork, she scoffs at the convention by creating a work of art with American conceptual artist Alex Da Corte, who previously directed the rapper’s stirring animation “Dora.” Dubbed a visual art project, Alex Da Corte and Tierra will bring her fictional character, World Wide Whack, to life.

Over the weekend, Tierra kicked off her campaign in Philadelphia, by “Pasting The Town Whack,” in which she enlisted her hometown neighbor and mural art curator Conrad Benner of Streets Dept to plaster her album artwork at eight different high-traffic locations throughout her beloved city.

With references including Pierrot, the original sad clown of 17th-century Italian theater, radical 1930s fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and Donna Summer, Alex Da Corte’s cover art represents the first reveal of the World Wide Whack character, an alter ego both untouchable and vulnerable, superhuman and painfully human, whose surprising story will unfold in images and video throughout the album’s visual rollout.

Last year, Tierra had rap circles gushing with the releases of her one-off records “Chanel Pit” and the Jumbo Mix for “Millions.” She and Lil Yachty also graced the cover of Rolling Stone for their Musicians-on-Musicians issue, which gained notable fanfare due to their inventive spirits. To top off her dazzling year, Tierra released her creative music documentary Cypher, which blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Directed by Chris Moukarbel and in partnership with Andscape, Cypher is currently available on Hulu.