24KGoldn, Morray among 5 Artists You Need to Know

Music is one of the most inspirational influences we have today. There is a massive amount of new music being put out every day, especially with the current pandemic happening. People are constantly asking me what new songs they should explore and add to their playlists. I find that my musical influences are constantly evolving. Here are five artists you need to know. Each of them have their own style, sound and persona.

Renni Rucci

South Carolina native and female rapper Renni Rucci has finally gotten her credit. Slowly rising to fame to become a household name, Rucci has worked hard to earn her respect in this industry. She is extremely talented and extremely underrated, but all that is about to change…watch.


Jackson Snelling

Indiana native and country music artist Jackson Snelling was featured on this season of American Idol, however, he didn’t make it past the judges. Huge mistake! Jackson, who was diagnosed with Autism, is one heck of a singer. He is compelling, relatable and his energy is vibrant. Do yourself a favor and check him out on Instagram.


Bay area rapper and fashion guru 24KGoldn has been killing it lately. At just 21 years of age he continues to break barriers and create a mashup of hip hop and pop masterpieces that everyone can enjoy. His style is a huge topic as well. He loves fashion and is never underdressed. His music is catchy, authentic and lively. Check him out.


Laroy Streat

Boston native and independent rapper/songwriter, Laroy Streat stays grinding. His melodic sound is intriguing and his lyrics are in depth. Streat along with his co-host DK, just started their own podcast titled StreaTalk. It’s highly entertaining and they talk about everything from music, sports and even relationships. Go give it a listen!


North Carolina sure knows how to grow them right. Morray has struggled and worked hard for most of his 28 years of life. His song “Quicksand” hit with the heaviest blow and everyone was seeking more of the energetic rapper. His mixtape “Street Sermons” was just released and every track and lyric hit hard. Morray is truly a word poet. His lyrics are pure and authentic and his ora is really unmatched. He’s the definition of a superstar.


Brittany Vance
Brittany Vance

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