Listening to music can be a fantastic experience that can completely change your mood, but in our hectic world, it can feel a little strange simply sitting down to listen. If you are the sort of person that needs to be active, there are many ways you can use the time which will help you to really listen to the music and enjoy it. So, if you are looking for a few good activities whether you are listening to a new album, a playlist or even one of your favorite old records, here are a few ideas.


Exercise and music go hand-in-hand, especially if it is something energetic and rhythmic. Obviously, exercise is an important activity, so if you find that music motivates you then this should be encouraged whether you are out on a run, in the gym or even working out at home. You can also find lots of good workout playlists online which could introduce you to some new tunes and be the perfect soundtrack to your workout.

Clean The House

Similarly, another good physical activity to do while listening to any kind of music is cleaning the house. Again, this can motivate you but it is also an activity that will not distract you from listening to the music. Additionally, keeping a neat and tidy home can improve the look and feel of the house and lift your mood so it is another good use of time.

Do Something Creative

People often find that listening to music encourages them to be creative and this is certainly a good use of time. Sketching, painting, photography, animating and creative writing can all be brilliant activities to do while listening to music and could take your art to the next level. It can be hard to write music while listening to music, but if you play an instrument you could always try to learn the song and play along.

Online Slot Games

You do not want an activity that will require too much thought and attention while listening to music and online slot games are a great option. These games can be great fun, easy to play and can be played online so they will give you an enjoyable and easy activity to enjoy while listening to any type of music. You can find the best and newest slots online – there are many different types to consider, so you should be able to find a few that take your interest.

Read About The Music

Another good way to use the time while listening to music is to learn about it. For those with a passion for music, it is always interesting to learn how the music was made, what the lyrics are, what the inspiration was and more. This information is usually easy enough to find online.

These are all good activities to do while listening to music and will hopefully help to take your listening experience to new levels.