Brittany Vance’s 10 Fun Questions with CB30

If you’ve been watching instagram lately, you may have seen two young men in a good amount of Luke Bryan’s lives. Well, those two brothers are known as CB30. They are exceptionally talented and their top notch harmonies will catch your attention. Currently signed to Buena Vista Records, the 16 and 18 year old siblings currently released a track titled “Love That About Her.” It’s a tender track devoted to the girl in a relationship. It’s mainstream ready and beautifully written. CB30 is the next fast rising duo in country music. They are a total package. Get to know them a little better in this fun interview.

1. When did you realize you wanted to make music a career?

We have been around music our whole lives. We started getting serious about music when we started playing more shows and saw people really positively reacting to our songs. We signed our deal with Buena Vista and started doing online school so we could play more shows and write more!

2. How would you describe your music to someone who wasn’t familiar with CB30?

Our sound is like a mixture of Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber with brotherly harmonies!

3. What’s 3 things you CANNOT live without?

Three key items for us would be fishing rods, our family, and guitars.

4. If you could duet with any female artist who would you pick and why?

Madison Beer because she’s the current celebrity crush and her music is very unique and cool. Big fans!

5. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

We are definitely night owls! We play shows and work on music at night, so we are always staying up late.

6. Who are your musical influences?

Our musical influences are very widespread. We grew up in a country music family. So, obviously we’d listen to older country with our dad like Merle and Waylon. But we listen to everything now from Bruno Mars to Bazzi to Morgan Wallen! We love all genres!

7. Who is your celebrity crush?

Brody has had a long lasting crush on Ariana Grande, we got to go to a show and we were supposed to meet her but it didn’t work out, Brody replays that day in his head! Haha!

8. What’s one life lesson you’ve learned?

We’ve learned that success is when preparation meets opportunity. We think that’s a really good rule to live by!

9. What’s one super power you wished you had?

A super power we wish we had would definitely be time travel. I’d like to go back and re-live moments and also see the future!

10. Any new projects in the works for you? What have you been working on currently?

We just put out a new song called “Love That About Her,” and we’ve been writing a bunch! We’ve got new music coming out and a lot more content. Hopefully when everything clears up we will get back to playing shows too!

Brittany Vance
Brittany Vance

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