‘CBS Mornings’ launching ‘Mornings Mixtape’ series

Show features conversations with musical artists

CBS Mornings is taking a look at the artists who have stood the test of time in our new series titled Mornings Mixtape. Launching Monday, August 1st at 8 am, CBS Mornings will have conversations with musical artists about their industry breakthroughs and what they’re up to today.

“We’re looking at the musical artists who have stood the test of time and created songs that you just can’t get out of your head, in a good way,” host Nate Burleson shares.

The series kicks off with LeAnn Rimes discussing her career and her milestone 40th birthday coming soon.

“I’m ready to mature,” Rimes shares in a preview clip. “Growing up in this business in front of everyone, people have literally wanted to keep me a certain age forever. It’s only in the past few years, I feel like people have allowed me to grow into a woman. Also, I’ve allowed myself to grow into a woman.”

Hanson will be featured on August 8th with Ashanti, The Temptations and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees to follow.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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