Music is one of the most inspirational influences we have today. There is a massive amount of new music being put out every day, especially in the midst of the pandemic. People are constantly asking me what new songs they should explore and add to their playlists. I find that my musical influences are constantly evolving. Here are five artists you need to know. Each of them have their own style, sound and persona.

1. Chinese Kitty

New York is no stranger to talent, and Chinese Kitty hails from one of the most dominant hip hop states. Although she did a small stint on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, her 3.7 million followers arise from her own hard work and drive. One of the most underrated female rappers to date, Chinese Kitty is long over due for stardom. Her latest track “Lit Bitch” features Fivio Foreign and French Montana. It’s a contagious track that is fun, well written and highly memorable. Chinese Kitty continues to show us her skill set and it’s way beyond average.

2. Fifa Flame

New Jersey born and bred but currently residing in Atlanta, Fifa Flame is hitting the ground running. She is a singer, performer and songwriter. With nearly 40K social media followers and growing, Fifa Flame is raising the bar for new artists every single day. Last year, her track with Rubi Rose has received over four million streams. Her latest song “Daddy’s House” is becoming a TikTok trend and is currently building traction as we speak. Her music is catchy, has a mainstream sound and is widely diverse. Fifa Flame is on her way to the top and she’s certainly not tip toeing there.

3. VIPeach

Cincinnati native and hip hop artist VIPeach has put in a massive amount of work this year. From modeling to performing, she continues to show how hungry she is. She just released her new song “Friend from Foe” and she hits the stage every chance she gets. She’s influenced by artists such as Rhianna, Kesha and Cardi B. She is highly likable and relatable. Fans flock to her raw personality and incredible work ethic. She’s a breath of fresh air in this industry.

4. Tink

Tink is a rapper, singer and songwriter and she is highly underrated. She has been around since 2010/2011 and her music is top tier. There aren’t too many artists like Tink. Her vocals, her lyrics and her sound is just distinctive. She has a way of making you feel the story she’s singing. The talent is out of this world with this one.

5. Akbar V

Georgia native Akbar V is a rapper, reality star, mother and all around bad ass. She may come from the trenches but her music is from Jesus. No one is this talented without a little help from our Heavenly Father. Akbar works insanely hard and is well known in her city. In fact, she’s certified the queen of Atlanta. She’s confident, bold and extremely entertaining. Her music? Top notch. Her skill set is astounding and her punch lines are on target. While many are still sleeping on the queen, some of us have awaken and we love it here.