Deana Carter celebrates 25th anniversary of debut album

Reissue contains new tracks and remastered originals

Deana Carter is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her seminal debut album Did I Shave My Legs For This? with a reissue on November 5th. Carter shared the news on The Bobby Bones Show, stating that Did I Shave My Legs For This? 25th Anniversary Edition includes two new tracks with Carter performing and producing 2021 versions of the CMA award-winning, and 2X platinum hit single “Strawberry Wine,” featuring Lauren Alaina, Martina McBride, Ashley McBryde, Kylie Morgan, and Vince Gill on guitar, as well as the title track, featuring Terri Clark, Sara Evans, Ashley McBryde, and Vince Gill.

The 25th anniversary editions of the album have been remastered from the original recordings and will be released on CD with two bonus tracks, as well as a Digital Deluxe with an additional ten songs, seven of which will be available digitally for the first time.

“I am beyond blown away to see the generational connection between my first single, ‘Strawberry Wine’ and all the fans, young and seasoned,” shares the award-winning country singer-songwriter. “Being a part of a song that has become an anthem for the ’90s and beyond is such a blessing and more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. The fans have been the catalyst for the success of ‘Strawberry Wine’ and the whole Shave album because of their connection to the truth and realness behind the songs.”

She continues, “They lived it — just like I did — and just like all of my collaborators did. It was an honor to re-record two favorites with my fellow female artists who inspire me and who I admire. These new versions are a way of raising a glass to everyone who loves these songs, and to the country radio stations still playing them, and to say thank you. I hope everyone enjoys celebrating 25 years of Did I Shave My Legs For This? as much as I’ve enjoyed putting together these very special releases.”

1997 CMA Single and Song of the Year “Strawberry Wine,” written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison, was also nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Country Song, the Academy of Country Music Awards Best Country Song, and the Country Music Radio Awards for Song of the Year. Carter co-wrote the title track “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” with Rhonda Hart.

“Who knew that some girl talk would end up becoming a cultural catchphrase for decades to come? Wow! This song is proof that a genuine, heartfelt message can be delivered with a sense of humor,” she added, “yet stand firm in the conviction to not settle for less in this life. Thanks to all the ladies who have sung this anthem at the top of their lungs and to my record label for letting me boldly title my debut album so memorably.”

Other chart-toppers from Carter’s debut album included “We Danced Anyway” (co-written by Berg and Randy Scruggs), “How Do I Get There” (co-written by Carter and Chris Farren), and “Count Me In” (co-written by Carter and Chuck Jones).

As part of the album’s 25th anniversary celebration, Carter will perform on the Grand Ole Opry Saturday, October 16th, as part of the Opry’s 4,998th show.


  1. I’ve Loved Enough To Know
  2. We Danced Anyway
  3. Count Me In
  4. If This Is Love
  5. Love Ain’t Worth Making
  6. Before We Ever Heard Goodbye
  7. How Do I Get There
  8. Strawberry Wine
  9. That’s How You Know It’s Love
  10. Did I Shave My Legs For This?
  11. To The Other Side
  12. Strawberry Wine (2021 version)
  13. Did I Shave My Legs For This? (2021 version)
  14. Angel Without A Prayer [Digital Deluxe]
  15. Rita Valentine [Digital Deluxe]
  16. I Can’t Shake You [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  17. Are You Coming Home Today? [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  18. Turn Those Wheels Around [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  19. Graffiti Bridge [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  20. We Share A Wall [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  21. Don’t Let Go [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  22. Just What You Need [Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]
  23. Did I Shave My Legs For This [Alternate Version/Digital Deluxe/Previously Unreleased Digitally]

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