New album is available on CD before digitally

Multi-platinum award-winning country superstar Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry plots his debut solo album, Ain’t No Closing Me Down, for October 27th, exclusively through Walmart before being available everywhere digitally in January 2022.

The 12-track album delivers a long-awaited dose of great new music which carries on the Montgomery Gentry legacy and introduces Montgomery as a solo artist, four years since the death of his partner in Montgomery Gentry, Troy Gentry. In keeping with Montgomery Gentry’s 20-year tradition of timeless foot-stomping hits, the new collection is beaming with southern rockers and blue-collar anthems.

“Troy is with me and will always be with me. He helped me write this album,” remarks Montgomery who wrote on eight of the 12 tracks. “I got together with some of my best songwriting buddies and we wrote about life – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the party on the weekends.”

Thematically, the project is a reflection of Montgomery’s personal trials and tribulations about love, loss, and survival. Right out of the gate, Montgomery makes a statement with the opening rocking title track, affirming his commitment to living life to the fullest despite the many restrictions people are faced with these days.

A sizzling duet with the legendary country singer Tanya Tucker on “Higher” brings two legacy artists together in an unforgettable rocker of a love song and standout track on the album.

The poignant “Alive and Well,” which is the first single from the project, celebrates Montgomery’s life despite tragedy and heartbreak. Written by the singer with Ira Dean and Chris Wallin, the triumphant new track is partly inspired by the losses Montgomery has endured in his life, including the tragic death of his bandmate, Gentry, in 2017, and the loss of his 19-year-old son, Hunter Montgomery, in 2015. The track’s riveting video pays tribute to those heroes who fight for our country both home and abroad.

“My Son,” in which a father gives poignant advice to his son, is featured in a new feature film, Old Henry, with a scheduled theatrical opening October 1st. The video will be featured on upon release.

The stunning patriotic song, “Ain’t She Beautiful,” paints a picture coast-to-coast of our great nation knocked down but still standing strong.

Eddie Montgomery and the Montgomery Gentry Band will tour extensively to promote the new album. In addition, Montgomery is set to launch a new radio show, Eddie’s Garage, on YouTube later this year.