White suffered a stroke in 2019

Drake White continues his musical voyage with his second studio album, The Optimystic, which was released in March 2022. White co-wrote 12 of the album’s 14 tracks and produced two songs solo, co-produced the others with The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston.

In August 2019, White collapsed on stage due to a hemorrhagic stroke, the result of Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), a brain condition White had been diagnosed with early that year. Doctors told him that he might never perform again, but the Alabama native defied the odds, undergoing multiple procedures and months of intensive physiotherapy and has been able to regain the use of his left side. The condition forced him to relearn how to walk.

White is back on the road and will hit perform five dates in The UK in August. We chat with the country star about his incredible resilience that led him to write and record The Optimystic and return to the road. We also discuss how he spent the pandemic and the event space he and his wife operate in Whites Creek, TN.

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