Singer/Songwriter’s latest single is available now

Rising singer-songwriter, Hayley Orrantia, has released her latest single, “Nights and Weekends” on all streaming and download services. The feel-good, dance around your room track follows Orrantia’s latest EP, The Way Out, which is a collection of reflective ballads documenting a painful heartbreak in her life.

Taking a more upbeat and carefree tone, “Nights and Weekends” celebrates punching your timecard and hitting the town with the unencumbered feeling that anything can happen in just one magical night. Written by Orrantia, Brandon Day, Robyn Collins and Alex DeCosta, the track leaves us yearning for the weekend!

“I had so much fun with this song! My EP, The Way Out had a lot of weight to it – dealing with how I navigated difficult emotions and trying to come out on the other side of my heartbreak. I felt I really needed something to balance all that sadness,” says Orrantia. “I just wanted to put something out that would make people dance and have a good time. Whether that’s joining your friends for a night out at a bar or just dancing around your bedroom in your favorite pajamas.”

The Way Out was released this past spring and detailed her experience overcoming heartbreak and the betrayal of an ex-boyfriend. The Way Out is available now on all streaming and download platforms.

Currently, Orrantia is back in production on her hit ABC comedy series The Goldbergs, which will be premiering its seventh season on September 25th.