Song is from upcoming solo record

Jimin of 21st century pop icons BTS has unveiled his pre-release track “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” ahead of his first official solo album Face set to release on March 24th. The official music video of “Set Me Free Pt. 2” is also available now.

“Set Me Free Pt. 2” is a hip hop track that portrays Jimin’s resolution to free himself by overcoming the pain, sorrow and emptiness hidden deep inside him. Intense brass and drum lines sonically convey the track’s truthful message, while the choir and orchestra sound strengthen its grand atmosphere. As the repeated lyrics “Set me free,” and “finally free” suggest, the core message of ‘freedom’ pierces through the song.

The accompanying music video visually accentuates the track’s ambience through explosive yet transcendentally controlled choreography by Jimin with a number of dancers in a circular space suggestive of Panopticon. The cinematic uses of camera movements, angles, and lighting reveal the strong will to overcome the repeated struggles and hurt, and finally liberate himself.

Face delves into Jimin’s story of fronting his true self and making a new leap forward as an artist.

Last month, Jimin revealed the album will contain six tracks, including songs he co-wrote. Jimin is joined by several producers and musicians—Pdogg, Supreme Boi, GHSTLOOP, Evan, BLVSH, Chris James and BTS colleague RM—who participated in creating the album.

Jimin also revealed a short video, “Jimin Behind the Face,” showing the creative process of his solo album. The video shows Jimin concentrating on the recording of the album with enthusiasm.

Upon the album release, Jimin will meet the fans through various activities to be shared.

Jimin is the fourth member of the global band to release solo music in the past year. J-Hope released Jack in the Box last summer featuring “More” and “Arson,” Jin released “The Astronaut” last fall with Coldplay, and RM released his first solo album Indigo in December.

The band is currently on hiatus as each member fulfills their mandatory military service commitment to South Korea. Each will serve accordingly and release solo material before the global superstars are expected to reconvene in 2025.