After a six year break, American Idol Season 2 contestant Josh Gracin is back with an uplifting EP, and it’s quite good. Nothin’ Like Us, Part One was released in February and features six songs that represent the new direction he has taken.

While there isn’t a bad song on the disc, the opening track, “I Go Crazy,” is my favorite as it’s a rocking, wordy, catchy-as-hell, great track. It’s wordiness is reminiscent of his “Nothing To Lose” single from his 2004 debut. Snaps, percussion effects, slide guitar and it’s half time groove give it a nice rocking feel that would be nice to hear on the radio.

“I’m Still There” is a mid-tempo track that fits more with current radio playlists with drum programming. This song also has wordy lyrics, as he reminds his former love of the time they shared together that he misses. “You got a piece of me I could never get back, and I’ve got a memory that holds onto that last night that we made promises that we couldn’t keep…”

Nothin’ Like Us Part One is made up of feel good, catchy love songs that should fill any country fan’s playlist. Gracin doesn’t stray too far from his debut sound while interweaving some modern elements to his country songs. Any of these six could be good singles with “I’m Still There,” “Me, A Girl & A Radio” and “On Me” as the front runners with the most appeal to modern radio listeners.

Surely, this album is a thank you to his fiance, Katie, whom he thanks for saving him during his depression. I liked Gracin from his debut single, “I Want To Live,” and am glad he’s back. I’m really looking forward to Part 2 whenever it comes out.