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Primus unveils first-ever pinball machine

Stern Pinball is releasing a limited quantity of machines

Primus has unveiled the availability of its highly anticipated pinball machine. Released in a limited edition of only 100 units, these highly-collectible, band-signed machines feature the soundtrack of the band’s greatest hits and custom-recorded audio by Les Claypool. The game was developed in partnership with Stern Pinball, Inc., a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball.

The Primus pinball machines are covered top to bottom in surreal, mind-bending art inspired by the band’s signature aesthetic. Renowned illustrator Zombie Yeti and longtime Primus art curator Zoltron spent 100+ hours together collaborating on the direction and illustration of this game. Primus fans will instantly recognize the classic imagery of the band’s album cover art, including a fully-rigged ship from Sailing the Seas of Cheese, the iconic head-in-a-frying-pan from Frizzle Fry, and the smiling baby from Suck on This, among many others.

Primus chose to use a classic pinball playfield to allow the visual menagerie to take hold of the player. Each unit is hand-signed by all three band members and includes a metallic ‘authenticity’ placard individually embossed (under glass). All units are outfitted with an upgraded Kenwood sound system and feature 13 popular tracks, including, “Too Many Puppies,” “John The Fisherman,” “Harold of the Rocks” and more.

“Being a guy that has made many records over the past few decades, published a novel, directed videos and a feature film, as well as having collaborated with heroes like Tom Waits, Geddy Lee, Stewart Copeland, Bernie Worrell, Trey Anastasio and others, it wasn’t till this moment, being immortalized in a pinball machine, did I really feel like I’ve made the big time,” states Les Claypool.

Each pinball machines will be available for $7,995 only at

Author: Buddy Iahn

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