Rockaway Records acquires world’s largest Creedence Clearwater Revival collection

Thousands of records, posters, awards & more were purchased

Renowned Los Angeles landmark Rockaway Records recently acquired the world’s largest collection of Creedence Clearwater Revival memorabilia, including thousands of LPs, 45s, original test pressings, posters, autographed items and more. One of the highlights of the newly acquired collection include a 1967 yellow label 45 by Creedence Clearwater Revival, pre-name change as The Golliwogs. This rare 45 is one of only six copies known to exist. Additional items include a Fender Stratocaster signed by John Fogerty, RIAA Platinum and Gold award plaques, over 500 concert posters and hundreds of concert tickets and tour programs.

“What an amazing collection, especially the pre-Creedence stuff like a 1966 Golliwogs concert flyer and a Tom Fogerty & the Blue Velvets 45 from 1961!” shares Rockaway Records’ Wayne Johnson.

While nearly every independent record store and many chains in Los Angeles shut their doors years ago, Rockaway stayed open and started to focus more on high end collectibles. Co-founders and brothers Wayne and Gary Johnson started aggressively acquiring extensive record industry and personal collections of vinyl, concert swag, promo items and other rarities. They frequently pay five to six figures for valuable collections and recently paid $100,000 to acquire a collection of Pearl Jam concert posters and memorabilia. In the last year Rockaway Records paid over $500,000 for a collection of rare Beatles memorabilia and vinyl and paid six figures for a classic punk collection.

In the past, music memorabilia was often in demand for its novelty. Now, its potential appreciation, an often-overlooked area, has caused the value to soar. Many artists have recently been selling their publishing catalogs, and some artists, fans, music industry executives and employees are now able to cash in on items they have been holding on to for years if not decades. These collectibles have recently yielded impressive returns.

Rockaway is known throughout the world for their honesty and for paying the fairest prices for records and memorabilia. The last several years they have competed with the larger auction houses and often get much higher returns on music related items because they understand the marketplace and the value due to decades of experience in the music industry. They regularly travel the world to purchase private collections and make certain that sellers receive the highest market price.

Wayne and Gary began re-selling albums in 1979 after attending one of the legendary record swap meets at the Capitol Records parking lot in Hollywood. What began as a hobby more than 40 years ago, quickly turned into a business when they were virtually forced to open a store, if only to house their growing collection! Expert appraisers of music memorabilia, the brothers Johnson have traveled the world buying and selling some of the most highly sought-after music collectibles.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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