Are you aspiring in the music industry, making yourself known online for the first time, or an already established project with an established fan base? There is one concept that everyone sooner or later encounters, this is a plan that will help you succeed in your music career. But how do you master a large fan base, get people interested, how to get signed to a record label and achieve your goals?

1. Be on “you” with the music

No one will be able to achieve something worthwhile without the most important component of a musician — his professional and unique abilities, for the development of which he will be ready to sacrifice a huge amount of time, effort and material investments. Therefore, no matter how banal it may sound, before you start a music career, you need to start writing music or have a wide variety of high-quality and interesting material that may interest your potential listeners, other artists, for possible work with you in the future, recording labels ready to offer you cooperation. Real artists are always ready to improve the quality of their music and keep up with new sounds and genres.

2. Create your own unique concept

The best way to promote your music is to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, what you want to convey with your music, what emotions you want to arouse in listeners. Imagine yourself on stage, use colors, words, ideas, images, genre, certain chips that are attached to your image and then will be immediately associated with listeners. In fact, you are creating the building blocks of your future recognition, and this is nothing more than a set of characteristics that, combined, easily determine who you are and how people can contact you. You should not be a copy of another already famous artist, repeating his style or manner of performance, otherwise no label will sign a contract with you.

3. Communicate with artists

Do not hesitate to communicate with other musicians, artists who have been working in this field for several years, with music producers and engineers for online recording and mastering. Having common interests and classes will allow you to better explore your favorite business from the other side. Musicians can share their life hacks with you, introduce you to more popular artists, offer cooperation and help you in the implementation of your projects, thanks to which recording labels will get you to sign with them.

4. Create and plan a budget

A career in music is no different from starting a business in any other field. Therefore, it takes time and money to grow. By this point, you should already have a plan of action for the next few months. But before you finally approve it, you need to go through each item and indicate the estimated time spent and the money needed to complete it. Make sure that your plan is realistic, otherwise you will quickly go off the rails and will not achieve any results.

5. Contact the services of a manager

The manager must be able to maintain warm relations with many people, while remaining at the same time a firm, sensible person and demonstrating a confident knowledge of business.The manager has no right to lie to his artists in order to keep them under control, and has no right to manipulate the artist. Initially, there should be a sense of true human care, enthusiasm, responsibility of the manager, his reliability, your trust in him – this is the main thing that you should pay attention to when looking for a manager. Without these qualities, no matter how influential the manager is and no matter what connections he has, your relationship with him will end up with nothing more than a lot of unfulfilled promises.

Without a doubt, a lot of work needs to be invested in this business, but be sure that all your efforts to create a real, balanced and thoughtful plan will save you a lot of time, money and nerve cells in the future, and in addition to this will be finding people with similar interests for you, showing self-sufficiency in budget planning, an approach to creating your own unique style and signing a contract with a recording label that you dreamed of at the beginning of your journey!