Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming one of the most in-demand health supplements you can find. As more clinical research reveals the health benefits that CBD can offer, it is turning into a massive industry on its own.

Since it is such a new kind of product, there are no major companies or brands that everyone knows about. What we are seeing now is that as the first big businesses are emerging, they are being founded (or at least supported) by famous musicians we all know and love.

When you are shopping around for different CBD products in retailers like Joy Organics, you may be using some that were made by a company owned by your favorite artists. Here are three famous musicians who have backed new CBD businesses.

1. Travis Barker – Barker Wellness

Travis Barker is best known as the drummer from the popular pop punk band blink-182. He has spent years touring and performing, on top of taking up physical hobbies like Muay Thai. Between the stress and anxiety that comes from being a musical star, and the physical toll his music and hobbies took on his body, Barker eventually tried CBD to help. He liked it so much that he launched his own business called Barker Wellness. It uses THC-free products like CBD, as well as CBN, CBC and CBG to improve the health of people’s bodies and mental health. It makes products specifically targeted to improve sleep, pain, and general health maintenance.

2. John Legend – Plus Products Inc

Back in 2019, John Legend announced an investment partnership with the company Plus Products Inc. They also make hemp-based CBD products that are completely THC-free, meaning they have no psychoactive compounds that will make you high. They specialize in gummies, including a variety pack that contains a mix of gummies that help sleep, improve your mood, or just maintain your overall health and wellness

While he didn’t found the company himself, Legend was familiar with Plus Products and liked them enough that he wanted to lend financial support. All of the positive association and awareness the company gained by being connected to his name didn’t hurt either.

3. Drake – Canopy Growth Corp

Drake is one of Canada’s biggest musical stars, and he has followed in the footsteps of many other rap and hip hop stars in getting into the cannabis business. He has a partnership with Canopy Growth Corp, a Canadian company that makes a variety of cannabis-based products, including CBD. Unlike the previous two companies, Canopy Growth Corp manufactures products that do include THC, though they do make some CBD-specific ones. Canopy Growth Corp actually is partially owned by Snoop Dog, and he partnered with Martha Stewart to launch a specific line of CBD products.

There are numerous other musicians and artists who have used their names and wealth to support the use of CBD and businesses. That will hopefully mean that more people become aware of what CBD is and how it can help our health and wellness.