Allie Colleen releases ‘Stones’

Title track from debut album available now

Allie Colleen has announced the release of “Stones,” the final single and title track off her high demand debut album of the same name, available now on CD and digitally on November 26th. The stand-your-ground lyrics were co-written by Sara Brice, De’Leah Shane, Tony McVaney and Colleen. The new music was produced by Joe Costa and Ben Watts, engineered by Matt “Buster” Allen, mixed by Ben Watts and mastered by Alex Dobbert.

“I saw a quote ‘build an empire out of the stones they’ve thrown at you’ and it started a fire in my stomach. My whole life, everything and anything I’ve ever accomplished, was diminished because it was assumed everything was always handed to me. I work my ass off, I love what I do, and there is nothing anyone could ever say to make me question my purpose on this planet,” expresses Colleen. “I used to fight really hard and activate for myself, but I’ve learned bullies always have something to say and a keyboard to hide behind, so now I simply don’t give a ___!”

“Allie brought in the idea “Stones” and immediately we were all on board. The song just sorta took its own course and before long we had a great groove with attitude and grit,” exclaims Shane. “The message we want the listener to take from “Stones” is that there are always going to be people in this world that throw stones and try to keep you down. We have two choices, We can let it control us, or use it to grow and make us stronger!”

The song is aimed at those who try to tear others down with intimidation, bullying, insults and anything that implies throwing rocks or stones, and the message is loud and clear that those actions have an opposite effect of making an individual stronger and more determined to prove them wrong.

Colleen is back on the road with dates scheduled through January 2022.

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