CRS Finale: Get to know these 12 artists

CRS 2021

Last month during Country Radio Seminar (CRS), Matt Bailey and I conducted more than a dozen interviews as social media extras for The Music Universe Podcast. We thought our interview coverage was done at that point. Well, a month later,…

5 artists you need to know

5 Artists You Need to Know with Brittany Vance

Music is one of the most inspirational influences we have today. There is a massive amount of new music being put out every day, especially with the current pandemic happening. People are constantly asking me what new songs they should…

10 Fun Questions with Dave Herrera

Dave Herrera

California native Dave Herrera is a fresh up and coming country artists that’s been consistently working on his craft. His musical style is summed up by taking some 80’s rock, a little modern country and a pinch of traditional country…