Miller chats with us about Sawyer Brown’s 40th anniversary and his new memoir

For four decades, Mark Miller has been the frontman of multi-platinum and multi-award-winning group Sawyer Brown and a trailblazer in country music. Now, he’s pulling back the curtain on his storied career with his new memoir The Boys And Me: My Life in the Country Music Supergroup Sawyer Brown, due February 6th via Forefront Books.

From the early days of honing their craft in small-town venues to winning the first-ever televised singing competition with Star Search to becoming country music’s most enduring act, Miller offers a backstage pass to the heart and soul of Sawyer Brown with never-before-told stories.

“The book wasn’t my idea,” Miller tells us. “My brother is our manager and he came up with the idea that [the band] need[s] to do a new album. My daughter’s been involved. She is involved in production and has her own TV show. She really signed on and wanted to do the documentary. And then he thought it would be a good idea to do the book. Just as we talked about my personality, I just thought who in the world would want to read a book about me? And so that was my that was my first thing… Robert Nolan was the, I guess, ghostwriter or whatever. That was the first thing I said to Robert. I said, ‘This was going to be difficult for me because I don’t even know what parts of me are interesting.’ So I think the reason for the book was just maybe to complete the 40-year package with the documentary, the album, and the book. The book, of course, covers my life all the way from growing up. The documentary covers basically the beginning of the band. That’s where that picks up.”

The book’s foreword was written by NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner.

The Boys And Me stands as a testament to the band’s enduring legacy and its impact on the country music landscape. Accompanied by the band’s new tell-all documentary, Get Me To The Stage On Time, and a Blake Shelton-produced album, Desperado Troubadours, coming March 8th via their longtime label Curb Records, Miller’s memoir continues the celebration of Sawyer Brown’s 40th anniversary.

The first two singles of the new album, “Under This Ole Hat” and “Get Me To The Stage On Time,” are available now.

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