2020 has been one insane year. People are now streaming (and releasing) more music than ever. Some people have always been on the look out for up and coming artists and some just find them by happenstance. However, regardless genre and sound, these are five artists that will help you get thru 2020 – blissfully!

1. Brittney Spencer

This amazing Baltimore grown lady found herself in Nashville in 2013. Her music is pure and soft, and reaches a place that is deep within us. Country music is blessed to have her. Her aura alone is enough to be grateful for.

2. Vina Love

Kid Capri’s daughter gets it honest. She is everything the R&B community needs. She takes us back to a time when Aaliyah rang as Queen and TLC had the most poppin’ beats and sounds. She is modern but old school and we like that!

3. RiverKnight

The reality TV star is talented in the most honorable ways. When he makes a song, you can’t help but be stuck. His melodies and lyrics are catchy and his style is contagious. The Atlanta rapper says this is just the beginning for him and new music will be released shortly so hang on tight!

4. Tom MacDonald

Some may call him a “rapper” but others say he’s a visionary, a true poet of the art. He constantly pushes boundaries and speaks facts. His topics are deep and raw. When you listen to his music you may cry, scream or even be overwhelmed. Tom’s music makes you feel, and isn’t that what music is about?

5. Tyler Booth

Kentucky knows how to grow ’em. Tyler is a newly signed artist with Sony Music Nashville. He magnifies the traditional country sound and he has perfected it to his own liking. He is humble, dedicated and his music is genuine and honest. I’ve been hearing country music needs saved. Well, our hero is here, y’all.