Event was to hold less than 50k

Organizers of the UK’s Glastonbury Festival have canceled the one day September event they were planning. The one day, one-off concert was to be called Equinox, and be in place of the brand’s annual Pilton Party “thank you” fundraiser. However, co-organizer Emily Eavis says they’ve changed their mind to focus on next year’s main event.

“Three days until we open the @worthypastures gates and it’s looking so lush on the farm,” Eavis shares on Instagram with a photo of Worthy Farm. “We’ve decided not to go ahead with the September gig idea for a number of reasons, so we’re putting all of our energy into the campsite for now! See you in a few days.”

There were no further details as to why the fall 2021 event was canceled.

In January, organizers announced that Glastonbury was canceled for the second consecutive year due to the pandemic. Organizers decided to apply for license to Mendip District Council to host two days of events in 2021. However, only the single day license was granted due to COVID concerns and local residents.

The Equinox show was only to be held on the Pyramid Stage with a capacity of 49,999 that included staff, performers and crew. No camping was to be allowed.

Should organizers want to move forward with Equinox in the future, the event cannot be held in years when the original Glastonbury is held and cannot happen within 30 days of Pilton Party.

The 2022 Glastonbury festival is scheduled for June 22-26, but it’s unclear who the headliners will be at this time. Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Diana Ross were all confirmed for the 2020 edition which was set to celebrate its 50th anniversary.