How to create an unforgettable wedding playlist

A wedding is one of the most memorable events that can happen in your life. You only get to have your own wedding once in your life so it is imperative that you make the best moments out of that special event. Other than the reception, gifts, and well-wishers, music is also the common element that weddings have. More than that, music is the most recognized way of expressing the emotion behind any wedding day. It also sets the mood for the guests and also gives them a glimpse of the personality of the bride and groom. The task of making an unforgettable wedding playlist may be daunting at first, but finding trusted wedding bands, vendors or musically inclined friends can help make your task a lot easier and ensure that the first musical notes of the father-daughter dance until the dance and musical scores that entertain the last of the nights reveler’s are unforgettable and worth revisiting.

Go DIY as a Couple

If both you and your significant other have an inclination for music and also have many memorable tunes in mind, then both of you can coordinate and put together a DIY iTunes playlist. It’s not only a cost-effective option, and also gives couples full control over which songs to play or not play throughout the event. When couples opt to play the role of DJ themselves, they are also giving their wedding a memorable and personalized touch and the songs they play throughout the evening will also become their very own compilation.

To start off with the preparation, both of you will need to know the flow of the event’s activities and the time spent on each activity. Once you have the information, you’ll now be able to choose and compile different tunes for every activity – from the processional to the last dance. The electronics, musical devices and speakers then need to be tested and ready for the big event. Do a dry run with your music enthusiast friend and have your friend help with the song selection and electronics operation and control during the event. While iPods and smartphones can be compact devices, the laptop is the recommended device as it works well for long events, has more memory and also has versatile features that allow you to seamlessly add songs to your playlist. Always have several extra songs that serve as fillers for the transition from one activity to another. Also, some activities may take longer than the usual allotted time so have several extra songs on the list. The dinner portion is one of those activities than can drag on longer, so instead of allotting songs that are enough for say 1 hour, you can add an extra 30 minutes of songs.

Hire a Wedding Band

Wedding bands are great accompaniments to your big wedding day. They bring a magical and lively feel to the wedding and the performers get to play your favorite tunes live. If you are considering hiring a wedding band, you have to keep in mind allowing them some creative license to entertain the crowd and use their professional expertise in song selection. You also need to share some important information regarding your wedding. Discuss genres of music and artists you and your better half want to hear at your wedding. Also, give them an idea of the attending guests, the order of the activities and the timeline of these activities. These pieces of information will help the band plan on how to usher guests from cocktail hour, dinner and then to the dance party with music that will have the appropriate mood and vibe for the different settings in the wedding.

According to the folks at, booking the best wedding cover bands will turn your special day into a magical and memorable moment. When it comes to the best entertainment and dance experience for your wedding, the wedding bands should feature studio-quality recording artists and musicians, flashy choreography, computerized lights, and high tech sound systems so you won’t have to worry about a thing during the big wedding. Communication is key to working with your wedding band to ensure that songs and events stay etched in your memory forever.

Hire a DJ

For weddings in the urban setting, where most events take place indoors, hiring a DJ for your handling wedding playlist is a great option. Like wedding bands, wedding DJs also need to be allowed some creative license to read the crown and use their musical know-how to select the best tunes for the occasion. Be sure to communicate and coordinate with your DJ on the flow of the activities at your wedding, yours and your significant other’s musical preference and the demographics of the attending guests. You’ll also need to consider the rentals required for your venues, such as sound equipment, speakers and microphones. Although most DJs already have a complete set of sound equipment and some also have their speakers, it is always best to communicate with the DJs in order to have the necessary preparations.

DJs also need to know the transition of the activities, the necessary musical icebreakers and interludes and also the dance events at the wedding. You as a couple will need to inform your DJ on your preferred musical genre or artist for the first dance, the parent dances, and the party dances. Again, coordination and communication are key, as you have to let the DJs know what your wedding theme and musical preferences are while also giving them the freedom to be creative in making the most entertaining lineup of songs and music while also incorporating your favorite music and songs. With these factors properly worked out, you can have the most entertaining and unforgettable wedding event which will leave every guest dancing and remembering your wedding for a long time.

Even though no two weddings are exactly the same, music is one of their most common elements. No matter the size of the guest list, the budget, theme or wedding season, there will have to be music and songs to set the mood of the wedding event. Choosing the best playlist can be the first activity you will do as a couple, so choose carefully the songs you and your significant will want to remember and play over and over again as you remember that momentous wedding event in the future.

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