Singer kicks off 2021 with new music

Following a year of quarantines and uncertainty, country music singer-songwriter, Stephanie Quayle, is ready to take the new year and the next chapter of her career head-on with the release of her latest single, “By Heart,” available now at all DSPs. The song’s message highlights genuine connection and finding love and beauty in the simple things.

“There are just so many moments in this song. It’s simply complex. I think that’s what love is, right? Love is supposed to be simple and it’s also very complex,” says Quayle. “The first time I heard ‘By Heart,’ I was in New Orleans in my hotel room, and I immediately grabbed my guitar, and started figuring it out by wrapping myself up in the lyrics. These words sounded like my own conversations with my husband.”

Recorded almost entirely virtually during COVID-19 with producer Alex Kline, one of Nashville’s most prominent female producers, this single release defines a new era in Quayle’s musical journey. This is the first release from a forthcoming collection of songs that is sure to cement her place in country music as an artist who authentically carries the genre’s roots into the contemporary landscape of today.

Quayle will also be headed back to the Grand Ole Opry tonight (Fri, Jan 8th) where she will be performing “By Heart.” The Opry presents the best in country music live every week from Nashville, TN. The Opry can be heard at and, Opry and WSM mobile apps, SiriusXM: Willie’s Roadhouse, and 650 AM-WSM.

2021 promises to be an exciting year filled with new music, exciting projects and more from Quayle!